Christina Meister

“I expected a basic lodge. Instead I found a castle. Not only is the place just magical, but all the people working and living here are just beautiful. Thanks for letting me feel like a queen in your castle.”
--Christina Meister
Creative Director/Advertising, Munich, Germany

Leslie Allison

“Oh Selva! So wonderful to be back! You become more and more magical each time I visit. A piece of my heart and soul will always remain here, and I take a part of you with me as my journey continues. Be back soon.”
--Leslie Allison
Sebastopol, California

Joseph Mikru

“Feels great to be inspired by the creativity and natural building that has come together so beautifully. I love the peacefullness and symphony of nature sounds that frame the epic ocean vista.”
--Joseph Mikru
Founder and President at Anamaya Resort and Retreat Center, Montezuma

Dotti Spearman

“I am so full of gratitude to have been able to share in this most magical place. The land is so rich, lush and gorgeous, and the structures are so finely crafted.”
--Dotti Spearman
Architect, Torrid Design, Austin, Texas


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