How close are you to the beach?

We are approximately 4 miles from the beach that we gaze upon from our mountaintop paradise. A quick 15 minute ride.

Is the water safe to drink at Selva Armonia?

Yes. We have some of the cleanest water in the world. Enjoy our mountain pure water from every tap.

Do you have laundry service?

Yes, we will wash and sun dry one load of laundry for $15.

What currency is used in Costa Rica and how do I exchange money?

The local currency is Costa Rican Colones. It is not necessary to change your dollars ahead of time, as they are accepted in most tourist towns and areas of Costa Rica. You can also withdraw money in the local currency through an ATM or exchange money at one of the local banks if you wish.

Is it buggy?

Yes. Selva Armonia is in a humid and bio-diverse rainforest. Bring Deet/Off or long pants if you are concerned.

Do I need shots?

For the most up to date medical information for travelers check with the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Ga. U.S.A. www.cdc.gov/travel/camerica.htm

How far are you from the San Jose airport?

We are approximately 3 hours away by car and 3.5 hours away by bus.

How is the weather in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has a temperate tropical climate marked by two seasons: the dry (December- April) and the wet (May-November). The average temperature throughout the year is between 71°F and 81°F. During the rainy season, also known as the green season, mornings are generally sunny followed by late afternoon showers.

Is tipping in Costa Rica customary?

Yes, a 10-15% gratuity is appreciated throughout the country. Here at Selva Armonia, we equally share gratuity amongst our entire staff, from our chefs to our cleaning crew to our grounds keepers. Without each team member’s contribution, Selva would not sparkle as bright as she does!

What should I pack?

Packing for Costa Rica! Here’s what we recommend you bring:


–  Flashlight or headlamp (a MUST for Selva Armonia)

–  Insect repellant (if you are prone to insect bites, Deet/Off is highly recommended)

–  Shower shoes/slip off shoes

–  Hiking/walking shoes

–  Sunscreen

–  Sun Hat

–  Bathing suit

–  Leisure belonging: Books, music, crafts, art projects, etc.

–  Reading night light

–  Long pants or leggings (only during rainy season)

–  Beach and Hiking gear

–  Reusable water bottle (We encourage our guests to bring metal or glass bottles)

–  Cash (CRC) Colones and U.S. dollars are accepted all over Costa Rica and Panama



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