Manifest Your Journey in Costa Rica

Start Mar. 1st 2020End Mar. 7th 2020
Join me March 1 – 7 at the exclusive Selva Armonia retreat center to manifest your journey using the chakra system! We’ll spend six transformative days learning, mapping, and embodying the manifestation current of the chakra system – a framework that brings your dreams from consciousness down to the earth plane. When you’re not manifesting in the open air yoga studio, you can relax and rejuvenate by the infinity pool, read in a hammock, book a spa service, or take a mid-day siesta in your bedroom. You get to do you, while also being fully taken care of by myself,
Mar 1 THROUGH Mar 7

Ignite Your Inner Nature in Costa Rica

Start Mar. 15th 2020End Mar. 21st 2020
Warm your bones, relax your mind and nourish your spirit with us this winter. Hit pause on the pressures of daily life to immerse yourself in the rich & diverse natural wonders of Costa Rica. This retreat will be an opportunity to connect with a supportive community of women while living artfully in nature and exploring inner and outer landscapes with fresh eyes and renewed energy. We will use the eastern philosophy of the five elements in our daily practices to cultivate a deeper connection in Presence, Pleasure & Purpose. Less doing & more being- transplant yourself into a lush
Mar 15 THROUGH Mar 21

She Thrives: A Retreat with Purpose & Play in Costa Rica

Start Mar. 25th 2020End Mar. 30th 2020
Press the reset button on your daily grind and enter a space of empowerment, fun and regenerative service. This retreat is for women who want to THRIVE—and not just survive! The planet needs well-healed women now more than ever. And she needs our circles to be joyful, self-aware and strong. Our Earth needs us to understand her most beautiful places so that we can help her heal the most damaged ones. Join writer-wanderluster Toby Israel and yogi-muralist Kim Wenger Hall, and a band of other wild-hearted women March 25 – 30, 2020. Hosted by Selva Armonia in the stunningly beautiful rainforest of Pacific
Mar 25 THROUGH Mar 30

Sacred Ocean in Costa Rica

Start Apr. 3rd 2020End Apr. 10th 2020
In the raw, rejuvenating energies of Costa Rica’s south pacific, we will reconnect our hearts to the natural rhythms of nature and the cosmos, the awesome power of the ocean, and the sacred place of the whales and dolphins. The cleansing, creative, and constantly renewing energies of the sea and the tides have always enchanted us and served as a panacea for enormous healing and revitalization – spiritually, emotionally and physically. We will specifically tune into and develop a connection to the element of Water, Jala in Sanskrit, through our yoga, breath and meditation practices.. as well as connect into
Apr 3 THROUGH Apr 10


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