We are located at Route 34 - La Union Rd, Uvita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Uvita is only a three hour drive on a newly completed coastal highway from the San Jose International Airport. 

Flying to Costa Rica

  • International visitors fly into the San Jose International Airport (SJO).
  • Most places in Costa Rica, including taxi drivers and bus stations, accept $USD. You will receive change in Costa Rican Colones (the local currency).
  • Uvita is only a three hour drive from SJO. You may also opt for a short flight from San Jose to the Quepos Airport and drive an easy 60 minutes to Uvita.

Getting From San Jose Airport to Selva Armonia

  • Please contact us at least 72 hours prior to your trip if you’d like us to arrange a shuttle for you. Prices range from $50-$75 for a group shuttle depending upon the season, $200 for private shuttle up to 5 people. There are taxis outside of the SJO airport that will safely take you to Uvita for $150-$200.
  • The most economical option is the public bus to Uvita. The ride takes 4.5 hours and will deliver you to the center of Uvita. To get to Tracopa, you'll take a $25-$30 taxi to Delio Morales Bus Station, also known as the Tracopa Bus Station, and purchase a bus ticket (un billete) to the town of Uvita. Ticket cost is around $10.  Click here for bus schedules.
  • Across the street from the Uvita bus station is the BM Supermarket. During the day, it should be fairly easy to find a 4x4 taxi. Taxis to Selva Armonia cost around $15-$20. Please let us know in advance if you need a taxi arranged for you.

*If you opt to rent a car, a 4-wheel drive is required.*

Driving from SJO to Selva Armonia
(if transportation is not included in your retreat)

Address: Route 34 - La Union Rd, Uvita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

Driving from San Jose: Take the Coastanera/Highway 34 South out of San Jose to Uvita. Approximately a 3 to 4 hour drive. As you drive into Uvita, you will see the “BM Supermercado” and “Marina Ballena Restaurant” on your left and a “Banco Nacional” on your right. Continue driving South past those landmarks for about 400 meters and take the first left on the dirt road, Calle La Union. The road is across the street from “Luna” store (previously called Naluri) and a sign which reads “Playa Uvita”, which is the only paved road in Uvita.
You will also see several signs, including the Sky Internet sign. From here it is a steep dirt road for 5 kilometers (3.5 miles) that requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Keep straight towards the right when encountering all forks in the road. At the final fork, you will see a sign for Selva Armonia, drive down about 75 meters and make a right turn into the large gates. Once entered, continue down towards the property and we will greet you upon arrival! Please drive slowly from the gate to our parking lot. Overall, take your time and drive during the day if possible.
Vehicle Requirements:
You will require a 4-wheel drive vehicle -- THIS IS A MUST! Small SUV’s or cars with big tires and good clearance are not good choices.

Direcciones en Carretera

Dirección: Ruta 34 - Calle La Unión, Uvita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

Manejando desde San José: Viajar sobre la Costanera/Autopista 34 Sur en dirección San José - Uvita. (Aproximadamente 3 a 4 horas de viaje. Llegando a Uvita, en el centro, verán a su izquierda el “BM Supermercado” y el “Marina Ballena Restaurant” así como el “Banco Nacional” a su derecha.Continuar en dirección hacia el sur, durante aproximadamente 400 metros y cruzar en la primera calle a mano izquierda, Calle La Union. Ésta entrada se encuentra en dirección opuesta a una tienda llamada “Luna”.
Es una calle pequeña de lastre, podrán ver varios rótulos en ella, como por ejemplo uno azul de Sky. Una vez en esa calle, será un viaje de aproximadamente 5 kilómetros (3.5millas) que requiere de vehículo 4x4. Seguir siempre directo sobre ésta empinada calle y mantener siempre a la derecha si llegan a encontrarse con “Y" en el camino. Llegaran a un desvío donde verán el rótulo de Selva Armonía a la derecha, en dirección hacia una calle en bajada. A 75 metros de ésta calle, nuestro portón, nuevamente a la derecha. Una vez que ingresen, continúen hacia abajo hasta la propiedad, aquí le daremos la bienvenida. ¡Por favor manejen despacio y con precaución, principalmente desde nuestro portón hasta nuestro parqueo! En general, tómese su tiempo para manejar, y por ser la primera vez en ésta calle, se le recomienda firmemente hacer su viaje acompañado por la luz del día.
Requerimiento de transporte:
Es indispensable un vehículo 4x4. Pequeñas furgonetas o carros con llantas grandes no son buenas opciones.

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 If you're driving, take your time and drive during the day, if possible.Take the Coastanera/Highway 34 South from San Jose to Uvita. Approximately 3.5-4 hour drive. As you arrive into Uvita, there will be two BM supermarkets/”BM Supermercado“ both located on the left/East side of Highway 34.

Drive past the first BM (also next to BCR bank) and take note of the second (the Southern most) BM Market. You'll see the “BM Supermercado” and “Marina Ballena Restaurant” on your left.

Continue driving South past those landmarks about 400 meters, then take the first left onto a dirt road. You'll see the Selva Armonia sign and several others: “The Dome,” La Escuela Lider” and “La Cacatua Lodge.” From here it is a 5 kilometer (3.5 miles) drive to the gates of Selva Armonia.

Stay right at all forks in the road.

At the final fork, you'll see a sign on the right for Selva Armonia. Drive downhill approximately 500 meters to the large gates of Selva Armonia. The entrance will be on the right.

Drive down towards the property. Once you arrive at the "dead end" of the road, make a right towards the parking lot. Bienvenidos!


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