What does Self-Love look like?

April 27, 2018
Most of us were never taught the art of loving thyself. We are so focused on the quest to find ‘the one’ that we have missed the most important one of all…ourselves. In order for you to really get the love you want and deserve, you must start with loving yourself first. Self-love is simply the regard for your own well-being and happiness. No one has control over this but you. One thing we must remember is that it is okay to put yourself first for once. Remember this, you only have me, myself and I. This is a relationship we cannot escape from, so we're continuously tested to learn the art of loving ourselves. Loving yourself first is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. But what does loving yourself look like? It is and should be different for each and every person. Self-love comes in many forms ranging from treating yourself to a massage or a spa treatment for complete relaxation and releasing the negative energies and toxins to knowing your worth and not putting up with anyone’s mistreatment of you. By mistreatment, I mean any kind of abuse from mental and emotional to spiritual and physical. What is your worth and how important is it for you to recognize how important you are? Did you know we actually teach someone in the first 6 months of any type of relationship how to treat us? If you don't set healthy boundaries within those first 6 months, you might be entering a relationship that isn't the healthiest for you. It can even become challenging to set your self-love boundaries in future relationships. Of course, don't give up hope! If you find yourself heading down a path in a relationship that may be negative, simply sit with yourself, get centered and make a decision that is for your Highest Good and best interest. When you love yourself first, you are setting a precedence for many positive relationships, situations and opportunities to come into your life. You may not realize it at first, but it will happen. Keep your self-love practice rolling each and every day. Remember to give love to your mind, body, and soul each day. This can be as simple as walking alone in nature to get grounded, giving yourself 15-minutes a day journaling and meditating, or a big gesture such as booking that yoga retreat for yourself that you’ve had your eye on! Nothing is more sacred than the love you give yourself. <3 So try it.  Be self-LESS and practice some self-LOVE.    By Sarah Blanks

6 Items to Add to Your Sanctuary

April 3, 2018
Between morning routines, long work days, time with loved ones, and whatever else you have going on, creating a sanctuary space in your busy life is essential! Maybe you can’t immerse yourself each year in a wellness or yoga retreat, but you can take a little piece home with you to have all year long. Why are sanctuaries so important and what do we mean by them? A sanctuary is your own quiet space or area that you can turn to in order to slow down, reflect, meditate, and relax. Your sanctuary is here to remind you to pause, breathe, and take a moment for yourself. Each sanctuary will depend on the person but here’s some ideas to add to get you started…   Journal Journaling is a powerful tool to get our ideas, hopes, dreams, and fears all down on paper. Feeling overwhelmed or in total bliss mode? Journal about it and sort through these emotions by your sanctuary. As time passes, you’ll have a blueprint of your growth, challenges, and victories throughout time.   Crystal Crystals come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and compliment any sanctuary space. Pick one that you feel speaks to you. Crystals are excellent tools for healing, grounding, meditation, and setting intentions. Interested in manifesting more abundance in your life or that job promotion you’ve been waiting for? Visit your crystals, your precious little reminders of all that you can make happen in your life...   Candle Sometimes all you need is a nice candle. Scented, unscented, colored, short, tall, whatever your preference. There’s something special about a candle that can be instantly relaxing and set the beginning or end tone for your day. Journal or meditate by candlelight and get lost in the warm glow of your sanctuary.   Essential oils Essential oils come in a wide range of scents, properties, uses, and health benefits. Mix with coconut oil for a quick body rub, drop into an infuser to engage the whole room, or simply inhale to experience the benefits and properties of the oils of your choice.   Sage / Palo Santo stick A sage or palo santo stick is a must-have to clean the air around you and your space. The aromatic properties found in sage and palo santo are perfect for clearing out any lingering negative energy and can help you relax into you time. Make or pick up the herbal bundle of your choice and add extra zen to the area.   Something special Place a meaningful object or something simple that feels good to you to compliment your sanctuary. A shell from the beach, a stone, or an object from nature may just be the piece missing on your alter!   Since you can’t completely take home the magic and sanctuary provided in a yoga retreat, creating your sanctuary space to bring you back to those present moments is the next best thing you can do. Has your intention been to join the sanctuary of a wellness or yoga retreat? Immerse yourself in the sanctuary of Costa Rica and book a retreat with Selva Armonia Yoga Retreat Center in Costa Rica. We hope to see you in the jungle! Pura Vida!

Experience the Pillars of Envision Festival at Selva Armonia Yoga Retreat Center in Costa Rica

February 23, 2018
Couldn’t make it to Envision Festival this year or looking for an extended experience? Join us at Selva Armonia Retreat Center located in Uvita, Costa Rica! Selva Armonia Retreat Center, owned by one of the founders of Envision, hosts Yoga retreats all year long. Come and experience some of the main pillars of Envision: Permaculture, Spirituality, Art, Music, Movement, Community, Health, and Eco-Building. How does Selva Armonia embody some of these main pillars to create an unforgettable experience?   Permaculture During a yoga retreat at Selva Armonia, guests learn basics in permaculture and see this incredible work in action on the land of the retreat center. Farm to table meals are served every day during retreats and guests can fill up on nutritious, fresh, organic, goodness! At Selva Armonia, visitors will be immersed in a conservative way of living which is focused on ending single use plastics, reducing, and reusing. Come see how Selva Armonia harmoniously works with the land and the pristine environment of South Pacific Costa Rica.   Spirituality Selva Armonia is nestled mountain side overlooking the South Pacific coastline and the infamous Whale’s Tail. Connection to nature is inevitable as howler monkeys can be heard in the distance, blue morpho butterflies flutter around the property, and magnificent scarlet macaws are often chatting above. Yoga retreats at Selva Armonia facilitate awakening and higher consciousness through meditation, ceremonies, and yoga practice.   Movement It’s a given that movement through yoga classes on a daily basis is a principle part of the experience at Selva Armonia. The exploration of other movement is also encouraged. At Selva Armonia, you can dance, swim, skip, and frolic in the lush, wild jungle surroundings.   Community By booking a Costa Rica yoga retreat at Selva Armonia, you are stepping into a collaborative community. Retreat experiences are a group of individuals from many different walks of life who have come together for a purpose. Making friends here is easy, and you’ll always cherish the transformative time spent with your Costa Rica yoga retreat family!   Health Much of our health starts with the food we eat and proper nutrition is a top priority at Selva Armonia Retreat Center. Embarking on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica allows you to nurture all aspects of your physical, mental, and emotional health. Those who decide to retreat with us are served top quality, farm to table, organic, gourmet meals. Yum! Not only will your taste buds be delighted by the fresh fruits, special prepared breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks, your body will be too!   Eco building A main reason why many choose to book a yoga retreat in South Pacific Costa Rica is the abundance of undisturbed nature and beauty. Selva Armonia was built with a vision of creating minimal impact on the cherished natural environment that can’t be found anywhere else in the country. Renewable materials and integrated systems are designed to protect, love, and respect mother nature’s work of art here. A retreat at Selva Armonia preserves the peace and tranquility you came for.   Feeling inspired by the pillars of Envision Festival? Come LIVE and immerse yourself in these principles at Selva Armonia Yoga Retreat Center in Costa Rica!

5 Things Your Body will Love this Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2018
Valentine’s Day isn’t only for showing loved ones some extra love, it’s for you, too! Embrace this Valentine’s Day as a happy reminder to give your body a little extra boost and a “Thank You” for everything it does for you each and every day. Here’s a few easy things you can do on Vday to give your body some extra love...   Take a deep breath Did you know that most humans are not using the maximum capacity of their lungs and breathing correctly? Taking the time to breath deeply is a quick, simple way to relieve stress, muscles, aches, and pains. Effortlessly detox and sleep easy with some deep breathing!   Have a good stretch Often we forget to give our body a good stretch. Just a few minutes of stretching per day can increase our flexibility, prevent injuries, and heal some areas that are feeling a bit tight. Lower back issues or a stiff neck from the day-to-day routine? It’s incredible what a little stretching can do to change the overall physical state of our body. So take a few minutes this Valentine’s Day and show your body some love!   Drink a big glass of water Did you know most Americans are dehydrated? It’s easy to forget to hydrate our bodies between our busy schedules and cooler weather. The trick is to be drinking water before you’re feeling thirsty. Proper hydration helps your body run smoothly and keeps your skin looking and feeling fresh. Give your body a good cleanse with lots of water all day long!   Get some sunshine Cold sunshine, warm sunshine, whatever kind of sunshine. These seemingly never-ending, long winter months that you may be enduring are tough. If you can, get some sunshine on those cheekbones. If you can’t, perhaps plan yourself a vacation to the tropics for a recharge! Costa Rica, maybe?   Fill up on fresh, organic goodness Perhaps it’s not in everyone’s budget to be eating strictly organic all the time. But hey, it's Valentine’s Day! Treat your body to some yummy organic goodness and along with your breathing, stretching, water, and sunshine, a healthy meal will perfectly compliment your Valentine’s Day.   Don’t worry, we get it, we can all be guilty of forgetting to tend to our body’s most important needs. If you’re looking for more than just a day to immerse yourself in breathing, stretching, and focusing on your health while being surrounded by sunshine, consider booking a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica at Selva Armonia Retreat Center! Check out our lineup for this year and get your body, mind, and spirit on the right track! Happy Valentine’s Day! <3   By Sarah Blanks


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