Retreat Spotlight: Yoga Caravan

December 2, 2018

Action is movement with intelligence. The world is filled with movement. What the world needs is more conscious movement, more action.

- B.K.S. Iyengar


This coming February, Selva Armonia is proud to be hosting Shannon Hill’s Yoga Caravan for the 5th consecutive year. Centred around adventure and personal growth through the path of Yoga, Shannon establishes a safe and nurturing environment to go wild and reconnect with yourself and others. Giving endless opportunities for adventure, it’s really no wonder why this retreat has so many returning guests year after year!

While spending a week here at Selva, guests will enjoy a selection of gourmet house-made vegan meals, with produce selected from our botanical gardens, guided daily meditations, waterfall hikes and more. Twice daily yoga practice on our floating bamboo yoga and movement deck is an experience like no other, and under the guidance of Shannon, Lindsey & Meg there is no shortage of challenges and encouragements as you expand your practice.

We had a chance to speak to Shannon about what draws her back to Selva year after year, and she had this to say:

"Selva Armonia is remote and tucked deep into the jungle while also being close to town. This provides the perfect backdrop for connecting deep with nature through the views, animal noises, and day trips to the surrounding areas. The food at Selva Armonia has always been a huge hit not only because of how amazing it is but also because of the dedicated time for sharing and being together. We play a game at the dinner table each night called Banana Rose Thorn and it is always hard for guests to think of a thorn (a bad part of their day)!”

In addition to the daily retreat activities, guests will be given a tour of Selva's botanical and edible gardens, take trips to the amazing beaches that line Uvita, and hike beautiful trails to breathtaking waterfalls. Of course, there are always additional optional activities like a relaxing massage therapy session or even surf lessons if that is of interest.

Want to know more? Visit Yoga Caravan's event page here. You can also follow Yoga Caravan on Instagram here to stay up to date!  

Pillars Series: Movement

November 5, 2018
Founded in 2006, Selva Armonia was built on 6 integral pillars: Community, Health, Permaculture, Spirituality, Sustainability, and Movement. Our Pillars Series explores each one a little more closely, bringing forth the beliefs of our community and center.  Bringing forth our expressions that make up the foundation of our harmonious jungle home. Plato once stated that

‘lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.’

This is why one of the fundamental pillars of Selva Armonia is Movement, because we believe that a conscious mind and body is the most appropriate vessel for your soul. With this comes longevity and functionality in your day to day life, and we can’t find a downside to that! Our personal favourite methodical exercise is Yoga: the perfect combination of grace, strength and endurance - it’s principles and practices have incredible health benefits when implemented intentionally into ones life. Our space is a sanctuary for those who choose to fill their lives with this life-changing practice.  It is why we see so many world-class leaders and their passionate students flock to our home in the jungle to experience movement at it’s finest. But it’s not the only reason why we feel a resonance with Movement everywhere we are on our grounds.  Our stunning hanging deck draws the desire to practice any kind of movement.  Whether it’s asanas, roundhouse kicks, the flow of sound waves, or the simple expansion of our rib cages when we breathe in and out, Selva Armonia makes space.  
And our space is infinite and ever-changing.  There are no limits to the types of movement that occur here.  And we owe that to our little spot here on Pacha Mama (mother earth) that provides new life and forms every day.  You could witness a leaf bug doing a dance to their own beat, or hear the sounds of cicadas calling out their love.  The earth is moving when we are sleeping, and life is changing around us at every moment.
We also make space for the movement of our minds.  Embracing a lifestyle that encourages growth and exploration.  We make time for finding deeper understanding of our many layers, peeling them away and discovering new depths.  Up in the mountains, our paradise gives us many reasons to take moments to explore within.  And of course, best of all, we practice and encourage the movement of our cheeks!  Smiles and laughter every day.

Come MOVE with us - whatever that might mean for you, we are here to support the Movement

- Co-written by Sophia and Natasha Pirani


Simple Ways to Go Inward and Trust Yourself

August 22, 2018
Learning to trust yourself can be quite the obstacle to overcome in life. Some people have no issues with this at all, but on the flip side, many struggle in making decisions and being at peace in knowing the right decision was made...sometimes teetering back and forth like a see-saw. There are many outside influences that can have dramatic effects on how you feel before, during and after making a big life decision. The first thing to realize is that you matter.  What you want from your life matters too. Maybe it’s time to seriously assess where you are in your life, where you want to go, what responsibilities you currently are obligated to. Remember, you matter. And we cannot give to others fully unless we've taken care of ourself first.  We have all been blessed by the Universe with an inner guidance system or as many refer to it, our gut instinct. Learning to develop and listen to this guidance can be a great gift we can bestow upon ourselves. Your inner guidance system is a direct link to a Higher knowing and once you begin to listen and trust it, it will never steer you wrong. When you are faced with a big decision in your life, go inward and listen.  Meditation can assist with this greatly. And meditation isn't something to be done only when you’re faced with a trying situation. Five to 10 minutes of daily meditation will not only help you trust your inner guidance and hear your inner voice, but it will also help your overall mind, body and spirit when the going gets tough. Another fun thing you can do is to ask yourself questions out loud. For example, 'Should I move across the country for this new job offer?'  You can actually feel it in your gut, the answer to your question. If you feel a HECK YES, then you know your answer and you can actually trust that.  If you feel a HECK NO, then again, you know your answer and maybe need to further assess your situation. All in all, just knowing you can trust and believe within yourself is huge.  Not many people can fully state this or feel comfortable even thinking about it. Keep checking in with yourself, even on small decisions. Listen, discern and go conquer your dreams. Pura Vida <3   By Sarah Blanks

3 Ways to Renew & Restore your Balance

July 24, 2018
Feeling unbalanced can cause unhealthy stress, negative emotions and at times, pure anguish. Nine times out of ten, we're running on empty, putting others and different situations before our own needs until we hit a wall and are left wondering how to remedy the situation. When you feel out of balance within yourself or in your daily life, gain control of your current situation with these steps:
  • Let Go of Control: Let’s face may think you’re in control of all that is going on, but really, you’re not. Trying to control different situations and their outcomes is completely exhausting. Release the need to control how relationships, career, finances, health and family situations will turn out. In essence, release the attachment to the outcome. But how does one go about doing that? Getting a handle on this can be done in a variety of ways from meditating and yoga to simply surrendering the situation to the Universe so you can be in the Universal flow of life. You will begin to feel balance restored; however, it’s not a one and done fix. It truly is an ongoing practice. Just like exercising, you will begin to see and feel the benefits over time.
  • Take it Down a Notch: Put the brakes on.  Take notice...are you actually breathing? Well yes, you are breathing but are you aware of your breath and using it as a means to restore balance to yourself? Breathing techniques, whether through an actual breathing practice, yoga or meditation are great healthy ways to feel more peace and balance within yourself.
  • Get Rid of That Which No Longer Serves You: What does this mean?  Take inventory of all that is going on around you. Are you overextending yourself? Are there people just sucking the life force out of you? Take a moment to see what you feel you can do without. Running on empty is never a good feeling and if you’re not careful, your systems (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) will give you SURE FIRE signs you're taking on too much. If you’re able to cut things out of your life that no longer serve you, feel okay about doing it.  Remember, restore the balance and it is okay to say no.
  Looking to reconnect and restore your balance? There’s no place more rejuvenating than the Costa Rican jungle! Check out our yoga retreats happening year-round at Selva Armonia, a retreat center dedicated to your highest good.

‘Everything in life has to have balance’ - Donna Karan

  By Sarah Blanks


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