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Living Yoga is Living Free

November 16, 2015

Living Yoga is Living Free.

Unclench your jaw right now.

Relax your shoulders right now.

Shift your eyes from your computer screen to something of the natural world, even if it’s a plant in your office or a photo of nature, right now.

Take three deep breaths into your belly…right now.

Yoga is not something we need to wait to do later on a mat in a studio. You don’t have to have the perfect yoga clothes, a bendy body or Popeye forearms. Yoga is right now. It’s the way we feel. It’s the choice to be in a body that feels a little lighter than the moment before.

Yoga isn’t about waiting for our bliss. It’s about realizing that bliss comes and goes. It’s about releasing the aversion to change. It’s about letting life flow through you, rather than resisting whatever it is that is actually happening.

Resistance is futile. Acceptance is liberation. Relax. Breath into right now. Live your freedom. Live your yoga.

Namaste, Heidi Michelle


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