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Yoga: Find out what it’s all about

August 22, 2015

Immerse yourself in the yoga lifestyle in Living Yoga
January 6-12, 2016 - with Heidi Michelle and Josh Wendel

Yoga Lifestyle.

“Yoga is not one more box to check. You don’t make a note of it in your phone or day planner and then cross it off. Yoga is not one more thing for you to do. Yoga is a way of being. Yoga is a lens through which you see yourself and the world, a vessel to help you navigate the earth. Quality not quantity. Compassion not competition. Intrinsic not extrinsic. Through yoga we learn to break through our habitual patterns and behaviors…

The best breakthroughs happen long after you’ve rolled your mat up and walked away from the studio. A breakthrough is a deep breath before speaking. A breakthrough is a soft jaw you’ve spent a lifetime clenching.” ~Amber Shumake


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  • Lyzbeth says:

    Maybe we think it should be a faster journey because we are adults now – so logically we should be able to deal with it on an adult level. However, I know, when dealing with my childhood experiences it’s difficult to deal with the hurt that I endured because I guess it happened when I wasn’t an adult, things weenr’t dealt with on a logical, rational basis – and there was so much deeper hurt when it was from people you trusted. I have too many things come up from those moments of emotional neglect, teasing, humiliating moments and sometimes I can clearly see them smacking me in the face – sometimes I can’t.

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