Get Back To Your Roots Yoga and Healing Retreat in Costa Rica

Start May. 15th 2020End May. 21st 2020
This retreat will help you get back to your roots in a beautiful setting! We will be using Mother Nature as a source to rejuvenate and nourish your soul and help you ground and slow down. This retreat is meant to bring some awareness into your true purpose here on this planet. With the power of manifestation, grounding in, and creating the vibration that you want to receive being the main focus during your stay! This will be six days and six nights of exploration with three vegetarian or vegan meals a day with the option to add eggs if
May 15 THROUGH May 21

Sunshine Journey Yoga ART in Costa Rica

Start Apr. 2nd 2019End Apr. 9th 2019
Sunshine Journey Yoga ART  Adventure – Retreat – Transform SOUL RISE This journey of a cosmic lifetime is awaiting your presence. **If you desire to unplug from your daily life (the matrix), and recharge and be immersed into all of the elements of nature with upgraded amenities, expert guidance and pampered service, this retreat is for you. This Journey themed to flow through the elements of the Chakras is ART for your highest evolution with the intention to hold a sweet space for your Soul to rise. A-Adventure: *Break out of your predictable routine drop into the space to allow
Apr 2 THROUGH Apr 9

Retune – Yoga + Sound Healing Retreat 2019 in Costa Rica

Start Jun. 2nd 2019End Jun. 8th 2019
Facilitated by: Megan J Hoeffner & Chrissy Ehrhart Retune: Yoga + Sound Healing Retreat is the perfect opportunity to pause, reflect, and retune your intensions on your path in this journey called life. Join Megan J Hoeffner & Chrissy Ehrhart for a transformational 7-day journey through yoga, sound therapy, and meditation to create clarity and healing within your personal being. Twice daily yoga sessions will guide you to unveil your deepest potential through movement as well as meditation sessions used to clear space for manifesting your deepest desires. Experience true healing as you bathe yourself in sound healing sessions, a powerful ancient healing modality using musical vibrational instruments
Jun 2 THROUGH Jun 8

Fit Escapes’ Retreat 2019 in Costa Rica

Start Jan. 30th 2019End Feb. 5th 2019
At Fit Escapes’ our mission is to provide a sanctuary that rekindles a connection with nature and nourishes each guest in mind, body and spirit. We offer exceptional retreat space deep in the rainforest of Costa Rica, overlooking the Southern Pacific Coast. The location we chose is a true eco-lodge combining elegance with a rustic atmosphere in a breathtaking jungle setting. This one week experience will let you disconnect with your day to life while staying active, tuning inwards, making connections and perhaps stepping out of your comfort zone. This location is nestled in the breathtaking mountains of Uvita, Costa Rica where
Jan 30 THROUGH Feb 5


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