Simple Ways to Go Inward and Trust Yourself

August 22, 2018
Learning to trust yourself can be quite the obstacle to overcome in life. Some people have no issues with this at all, but on the flip side, many struggle in making decisions and being at peace in knowing the right decision was made...sometimes teetering back and forth like a see-saw. There are many outside influences that can have dramatic effects on how you feel before, during and after making a big life decision. The first thing to realize is that you matter.  What you want from your life matters too. Maybe it’s time to seriously assess where you are in your life, where you want to go, what responsibilities you currently are obligated to. Remember, you matter. And we cannot give to others fully unless we've taken care of ourself first.  We have all been blessed by the Universe with an inner guidance system or as many refer to it, our gut instinct. Learning to develop and listen to this guidance can be a great gift we can bestow upon ourselves. Your inner guidance system is a direct link to a Higher knowing and once you begin to listen and trust it, it will never steer you wrong. When you are faced with a big decision in your life, go inward and listen.  Meditation can assist with this greatly. And meditation isn't something to be done only when you’re faced with a trying situation. Five to 10 minutes of daily meditation will not only help you trust your inner guidance and hear your inner voice, but it will also help your overall mind, body and spirit when the going gets tough. Another fun thing you can do is to ask yourself questions out loud. For example, 'Should I move across the country for this new job offer?'  You can actually feel it in your gut, the answer to your question. If you feel a HECK YES, then you know your answer and you can actually trust that.  If you feel a HECK NO, then again, you know your answer and maybe need to further assess your situation. All in all, just knowing you can trust and believe within yourself is huge.  Not many people can fully state this or feel comfortable even thinking about it. Keep checking in with yourself, even on small decisions. Listen, discern and go conquer your dreams. Pura Vida <3   By Sarah Blanks

3 Ways to Renew & Restore your Balance

July 24, 2018
Feeling unbalanced can cause unhealthy stress, negative emotions and at times, pure anguish. Nine times out of ten, we're running on empty, putting others and different situations before our own needs until we hit a wall and are left wondering how to remedy the situation. When you feel out of balance within yourself or in your daily life, gain control of your current situation with these steps:
  • Let Go of Control: Let’s face may think you’re in control of all that is going on, but really, you’re not. Trying to control different situations and their outcomes is completely exhausting. Release the need to control how relationships, career, finances, health and family situations will turn out. In essence, release the attachment to the outcome. But how does one go about doing that? Getting a handle on this can be done in a variety of ways from meditating and yoga to simply surrendering the situation to the Universe so you can be in the Universal flow of life. You will begin to feel balance restored; however, it’s not a one and done fix. It truly is an ongoing practice. Just like exercising, you will begin to see and feel the benefits over time.
  • Take it Down a Notch: Put the brakes on.  Take notice...are you actually breathing? Well yes, you are breathing but are you aware of your breath and using it as a means to restore balance to yourself? Breathing techniques, whether through an actual breathing practice, yoga or meditation are great healthy ways to feel more peace and balance within yourself.
  • Get Rid of That Which No Longer Serves You: What does this mean?  Take inventory of all that is going on around you. Are you overextending yourself? Are there people just sucking the life force out of you? Take a moment to see what you feel you can do without. Running on empty is never a good feeling and if you’re not careful, your systems (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) will give you SURE FIRE signs you're taking on too much. If you’re able to cut things out of your life that no longer serve you, feel okay about doing it.  Remember, restore the balance and it is okay to say no.
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‘Everything in life has to have balance’ - Donna Karan

  By Sarah Blanks

Pack your Bags, Leave your Baggage!

June 19, 2018
Going on a trip? How many bags? Just that big one over there...the emotional baggage? Let’s face it, we all have emotional issues.  The emotional issues we experience could stem as far back as childhood and even further back if you believe in past lives.  You carry some of your emotional burdens from lifetime to lifetime depending on whether or not you have healed them. Emotional issues can be from different forms of relationships in your life. Some are parent and child; some are siblings and friends; and many are from romantic relationships. Many people have emotional triggers and usually what sets them off are other people in our lives. That then brings the emotional baggage directly up to the surface for it to safely stare you back in the face.  You will never be able to escape these issues until you confront them head on and begin to release them. And this, my friend, is where healing begins. Releasing these emotions is quite healthy and oh so good for your body, mind and soul. Releasing can be done through crying, being creative, practicing yoga, meditation or anything else that truly gets you aligned with your Higher Self and the Universe. If these emotions are not released, they can root even further into you and begin to show themselves as illness, aches and pains and yes, even dis-ease. Turning off the outside world and going within for personal reflection can be truly beneficial for your health. It can:
  • - Release negative emotions
  • - Release limiting beliefs (I am unworthy, I am undeserving)
  • - Reduce negative self talk (monkey chatter)
  • - Reduce overall stress
  • - Allow you to be more mindful
  • - Allow you to be more aware
  • - Raise your vibration
  Healing yourself and your emotional baggage is not an overnight process, though I truly wish it were.  It can take some time for you to truly feel better and to even get to the root (underlying) cause of what is making you feel the way you do. You have the ability to do this on your own, hire a spiritual advisor/life coach, or even pack your bags and head on a soul-healing retreat for a few days to get the ball rolling. Healing takes time, so patience is a must.  Be kind to yourself during your healing process. One thing you do need to remember is you cannot escape yourself. Wherever you go, your issues go too. Where I go, there I am.   By Sarah Blanks

Retreat to Costa Rica and Go With the Flow

May 26, 2018
It’s a practice to go with the flow. Letting go of attempting to control situations in our life isn't always easy. How does one go about doing so? Honestly, it takes daily practice. But once you release the need to control the outcome of something and relax into it, you will be surprised how quickly it comes to you.  Your mind, body and soul should work hand in hand to allow the flow to happen. In any given situation between two people, we are both the teacher and the student.  You’re in each other’s lives for a purpose and a time. We are put on this planet, in this lifetime, to learn lessons and for spiritual growth.  Once you learn your lesson with a specific situation, a new opportunity may present itself to you and off you go leaving the old behind to continue fulfilling the lessons your soul needs to learn. It’s never easy, though.  As humans, we tend to live in the future and wonder, worry, think…that darn thinking!  If we could only turn off the chatter (you actually can!). But how? There are a number of ways to attain this ranging from quieting the mind through meditation and yoga to going on walks in nature. Each of these three practices, if done on a daily or semi-daily basis, will help to nurture your soul so you can Be and live in the present moment (most of the time). At times, we also tend to cling to situations by becoming attached to certain outcomes until it's all we can see as we trudge forward with blinders on. This is fear based energy and trust me, you don’t want to be basking here. Have ever had a discussion with someone where you were attempting to recall a movie title, but no matter how hard you concentrated and thought about it, the movie title just never came? Then, five hours later, as you’re brushing your teeth for bed, BOOM…the movie title encroaches upon your brain and you feel as if you’ve hit the jackpot. We’ve all been there. Why did it come so easily to you five hours later and not in the moment when you were trying so hard to remember it? You relaxed. You were going with the flow. That is why. Put this into perspective in dealing with your life situations. If you’re having trouble focusing on daily life activities, my suggestion to you would be to occupy your mind.  Just stay busy. Take all of that energy and focus it on self-love through yoga, your career, your family, working out, writing, anything to do with creativity also works very well. Do activities and be around people that bring you joy and happiness. This is love based energy. And this is where you want to be. Remember, if things are meant to be, they will be.  Simply relax into it. Do you have the desire to tap further into your flow? Come flow with us at Selva Armonia during a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica! There’s no better space to get back into your mindfulness practice than being surrounded by wild jungle with a stunning ocean view!   By Sarah Blanks


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